Retirement Advisors, Inc. was founded in 1996 to provide fee-only, fiduciary financial planning advice. Since then, we have specialized in financial planning for retirement. Our goal is to help our clients make decisions that maximize the benefits of retirement for themselves and their families and make the transition into retirement as enjoyable as possible.

We are experts at guiding people into retirement and helping them avoid many of the major mistakes often made.

Retirement Advisors, Inc. was founded by Stephen Haidt. He saw that most people were being very poorly served by the financial services industry and realized that people need an advisor that truly works for them.

Our Beliefs

  • Financial advice should be provided in a fiduciary manner; placing the interests of the client above all else.
  • We should only work with people for whom we can significantly impact their finances.
  • Investments should be geared towards accomplishing your goals.
  • Investment strategies should be based on academic research, not emotions.
  • Investment strategies should be completely transparent to the investor.
  • Taxes and fees will reduce your investment returns, so these costs should be properly managed.